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HTPC : PC Based Advanced Harness Tester


  • USB port reads and writes USB pen drive
  • Easy to use
  • User authentication ensures access to tester’s functions.
  • Harness Data and label data transfer to and from tester.
  • Test log for each test stored in a database
  • Large GUI due to which harness faults can be easily located
  • Pass counters for each program.
  • Diode testing, any combination.
  • POKAYOKE mode facilitates ‘locking’ and ‘fail bin’ sensing.
  • Test settings such as fail bin sensing, buzzer on all faults, buzzer on short and interchange, first fail.
  • For critical harnesses, like ‘airbag’, relay output for operating cutter module.
  • Factory settings.
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Label print format is given here






Test Point Capacity128 point to 2048 points
Expandable in step of128
ComponentsDiodes: Checks for proper orientation
Diode testingYes - Diode open: Diode missing or open from inside. Diode short: Diode short from inside or wire assembled instead of diode.
Test VoltageTest voltage: 5 V DC.
Test CurrentTest current: In mill Amperes.
Test Speed1 seconds per 512 test points (continuity only)
PCIndustrial rugged Fanless PC with Windows 10 Licensed version.
PeripheralsKeyboard,Mouse,LCD monitor
Audible TonesPass and Fail tones via USB speaker
Number of Harness ProgramsUnlimited
Serial Ports"Total 3 Number: Serial port 1: Connector Printing PLC Communication
USB Ports8 Ports
Test Point Interface"Each IO card consist of 4* 34 pin FRC connections.Each 34 pin connector consist of 32 points. 1.34 Pin FRC to open wire termination. 2.34 pin FRC to 36 pin centronics termination. 3.34 Pin FRC to 32PBT termination.
Input Power"Supply Voltage: 230V AC (Input 230V AC +-10%) Power consumption: Mili-Watts. Short circuit protected.
Size (W x D x H)435 mm * 260 mm * 325 mm +- 2mm.
WeightApproximately 17 Kgs.
Operating ParametersWorking temperature: 0 - 50 C.
WarrantyConditional for a period of 12 months only for new equipment/products
User AuthenticationLogin authority manager
Display Faults"OPEN,SHORT,INTERCHANGE,EXTRA POINT,DIODE OPEN.DIODE SHORT. 1. Fixture image for fault location."
No. of Stages TestingUnlimited.
Relay out PutPotential free Relay outputs 2 numbers, up to 230V AC, 5A load. 1 is configured as pass relay and relay 2 is configured as fail relay.
Barcode ScanningYes
ApplicationHarness testing for continuity and diode check.
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