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HAAP1208/HAA with Pull-Navigation System

Also known as: Harness Navigation System / CPG / Point guide / Harness Assembly Aid

Futura's HAAP1208/HAA with Pull-Navigation System is an economical and a stand-alone wire harness process improvement tool. It checks for correct continuity, insertion location, and terminal backout TBO. It guides the operator from where to pick up a crimped cable and where to insert a crimped cable thus reducing a lot of manual errors.

    • Stand-alone system
    • De-skill Harness Assembly Process
    • User authentication ensures access to tester’s functions.
    • Built for rough industrial environments
    • Checks for correct continuity, insertion location, and terminal backout TBO

    The complete system is :

    • Test blocks / fixtures with I/O points (for continuity), LED indication (I/O LEDs) under each cavity to indicate where to insert. Test block also has a switch which operates on pulling a locked cable.
    • Treys with LEDs on each trey to indicate from where to pick up a cable.
    • HAAP1208 slave unit connected to trey LEDs, I/O LEDs, I/O Points and switch indicating pull.
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      • It is programmable using a keyboard or using soft program and USB pendrive
      • USB port reads and writes USB pen drive.- a) User authentication ensures access to tester functions. b) HAAP Data and label data transfer to tester
      • One slave has 128 configurable IO points
      • HAAP1208 stores 128 programs at a time
      • It has a 4 line LCD display of 20 digits
      • Pass counters for each program
      • Self-diagnosis feature
      Test Point Capacity128 and above
      Expandable in step of128
      Componentsnot applicable
      Diode testingnot applicable
      Test VoltageTest voltage: 5 V DC.
      Test CurrentTest current: In mill Amperes.
      Test Speed1 seconds per stage
      Display20*4 character LCD display with backlit
      Audible TonesPiezo Buzzer on pass, fail with tone and volume control
      Number of Harness Programs128
      Serial PortsPC: Standard 1 RS232 serial port.
      Printer Port 9 pin D for serial port printer
      Test Point Interface"Out put of I/O consist of 34 pin FRC connector which can be
      interfaced with pcb then can be connected with 2 pin relimate."
      Input PowerSupply Voltage: 12 V DC, 2A. (Input 230V AC +-10%) Power consumption: Mili-Watts. Short circuit protected.
      Size (W x D x H) 
      WeightApproximately 5 Kgs.
      Operating ParametersWorking temperature: 0 - 50 C.
      WarrantyConditional for a period of 12 months only for new equipment/products
      User AuthenticationUSB Pendrive (Soft Key)
      Display Faultsopen
      No. of Stages Testing1 stage
      Relay out PutPotential free Relay outputs 2 numbers, up to 230V AC, 5A load. 1 is configured as pass relay and relay 2 is configured as fail relay.
      Barcode ScanningYes
      ApplicationGuides in making harness assembly, checks correct locking of terminal, by pulling inserted terminal and also checks continuity.

      While contacting our team for placing an order or for enquiry, let us know about:

      • 1. Tester Model
      • 2. Number of points.
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