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BHT : Bulb Harness Tester

BHT tester is used for testing Bulbs

    • Stand-alone system
    • Built for rough industrial environments
    • Finds Short Harness
    • Finds Open terminal of Harness
    • Finds okay Harness with LED status
    • Help to insert wires in to empty coupler by guiding LED’s
    • High speed operation, fast and reliable testing
    • Durable and reliable tester
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      Test Point Capacity8 circuits i.e. 16 points
      Expandable in step ofNot Available
      ComponentsNot Available
      Diode testingNot Available
      Test Voltage5 V DC.
      Test CurrentTest current: In mill Amperes.
      Test Speed1 seconds
      Display16*1 character LCD display with backlit
      Audible TonesBuzzer audio output on pass
      Number of Harness Programs1 location available.
      Serial Ports1 port available
      Printer Port 9 pin D serial port for printer
      Test Point InterfaceDirectly connected to fixture as per connector
      Input PowerSupply Voltage: 230 V AC, 50 Hz. +-10%. Power consumption: Maximum 5 Watts. Fuse: 750 mA, normal
      Size (W x D x H)175L x 95H x 210D
      WeightApproximately 2 Kgs.
      Operating ParametersWorking temperature: 0 to 50 degree C.
      WarrantyConditional for a period of 12 months only for new equipment/products
      User AuthenticationKey Lock
      Display FaultsErrors are displayed like open, short using point number
      No. of Stages TestingSingle stage
      Relay outputPotential free Relay output 1no up to 230V AC, 5A load.
      Barcode ScanningNot Available
      ApplicationHA_CT_121 testeris basically used for harness sub assembly guiding, followed by testing, for one to one circuits during harness manufacturing. This model supports harness up to 8 circuits.

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