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Facility of Skype for the customers' support

For better customer support,we will be available on Skype from 10:00am to 05:00pm by prior appointment.
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We will be restructuring our prices from 1st February 2012.

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The Core Proposal and Benefits

In the new millennium Automobile and other core industries world-over, are viewing India as THE component manufacturing hub.
For the component manufacturer’s need of fast, reliable, offline and online testing is also on the rise. User friendliness, customization and de-skilling are few other parameters in testing, which have gained importance.
FUTURA offers unparalleled benefits through its core proposal and work methodology for all these testing requirements.

Close customer contact and interaction.

Frequent upgradations of our products are a result of this interaction. This is of great help in designing FUTURA products and knowing what the customer's need.

Customized product range, as a result of this interaction.

Increases the confidence of our customers and saves on their time. Our products serve their precise application.

FUTURA products achieve de-skilling of testing jobs.

A vital input, as operator training time is greatly reduced. For contracted labour/workers, replacement becomes easier. Logistics of manual testing gets reduced.

At the core, is the design intelligence of FUTURA.

From circuits to enclosures level, this intelligence imbibes quality, during design phase itself.

Easiest of product assembly and maintenance on the field.

Enhances the trust and morale of operators, maintenance personnel and Q.A./production/PED departments

Universal nature of working.

Yet another feature Instead of dedicated, stand alone software and accessories, FUTURA products are designed for working with the customers set up. It offers adaptability and flexibility in terms of working conditions. Existent manufacturing set ups can easily incorporate FUTURA products.